The must-haves of Peuterey outerwear, declined in junior version. Down jackets and parkas created to measure for the spontaneous dynamism of younger children, according to the quality standards guaranteed by the brand. Pratical and versatile, comfortable and with an eye on detail.

  1. KID Ripstop down jacket with reflector detail | Peuterey
    Ripstop down jacket with reflector detail | Peuterey
  2. Boy Down jacket with hood | Peuterey
    Down jacket with hood | Peuterey
  3. Boy Taffeta parka, regular fit | Peuterey
    Taffeta parka, regular fit | Peuterey
  4. Boy Down jacket with hood | Peuterey
    Down jacket with hood | Peuterey
  5. Boy Field jacket in taffeta | Peuterey
    Field jacket in taffeta | Peuterey
  6. Boy Parka in light fabric | Peuterey
    Parka in light fabric | Peuterey
  7. BOY Down jacket in superlight fabric | Peuterey
    Down jacket in superlight fabric | Peuterey
  8. Girl Down jacket with ripstop armor | Peuterey
    Down jacket with ripstop armor | Peuterey
  9. Girl Slim techno-chic jacket | Peuterey
    Slim techno-chic jacket | Peuterey

Discover the Peuterey kids collection

If you already know and appreciate the excellent characteristics of our jackets, why not share them with your children? The Peuterey kids collection comes from the natural evolution of our concept, set for a dynamic metropolitan elegance. Coherent with the brand identity, it presents junior versions of iconic garments of men’s and women’s garments. A reinterpretation created at hoc for the needs of contemporary “little ladies and gentlemen”. Our aim for total quality – from design to tailoring, from fabrics to details – remains unaltered, for a “childproof” result. In the Peuterey Kids collection you will find down jackets and practical parkas, comfortable and versatile. Perfect for the intense days of today’s children, juggling school, afternoon activities and lots of free and energetic play. Fabrics resistant to water, to the loss of down and ... the thousands of the little ones’ daily adventures. Light and soft down padding, warm and welcoming like a hug, to best protect your little darlings. And, of course, the unmistakable Peuterey brand. Find out more in our online shop!

Peuterey kids: the boy models

What wouldn’t you do for him! Whether he is your little prince or your little monster, he certainly deserves the best. If quality and style are your priorities, you will find them in the Peuterey boy collection. But how to choose the right model? For the more lively personalities, the ideal is the classic down padded bomber jacket, perhaps in a colour as lively as he is. Simple and bold, it will give him maximum freedom of movement for his bicycle or skateboard challenges with friends. For colder climates, or for children who are more sensitive to the cold, best to go for longer lengths, covering the hips. Peuterey Kids parkas and field jackets are mini tailoring masterpieces with impeccable design, super-comfort and accurate details. His dream is to be like his favourite superhero - his dad. So why not surprise him with a model that reproduces on a smaller scale one of the men’s winning garments? You will see his self-esteem shoot to the stars!

Peuterey kids: the girl models

The trend started with international celebrities and it is now well established: mum and daughter with matching outfits. Why not catch it and give the little princess at home a Peuterey girl jacket just like mum’s? And even if you don’t want to do that, you will certainly want to have the best in quality and style for your little girl. And you will find what you are looking for in the Peuterey Kids collection. For the most dynamic girls, there are the down jackets which give a metropolitan twist to a sport-inspired garment. Simple and practical for all daily occasions, they are available in short or long length, in classic or intense and bright colours. If you want your girl to look impeccable on important occasions, the shiny coats and slim parkas in technical taffeta are ideal. Their impeccable design is enriched by the unmistakeable details of the Peuterey style. More than ever, she will be the most beautiful girl in the world for you. And, after thinking of her, treat yourself to a little shopping too, in the Women’s jackets or Men jackets sections.