Peuterey Features

Peuterey garments are the upshot of a quest for excellence, and are made to last. They ensure top quality in terms of latest-generation fabrics and padding, impeccable design and tailoring, richness of detail and multifunctional features.


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The insulation grade is a new, intuitive tool developed by Peuterey to classify outerwear according to its level of thermal comfort.

a) Everyday lightweight

Garments that offer ideal thermal comfort at temperatures between 15°C and 5°C. Suitable for mild climates, they are characterized by the lightness of the padding and fabrics. Practical and comfortable, designed for everyday use.

b) Cooler days

Garments that ensure optimum thermal comfort at temperatures between 10°C and -5°C. Ideal for winter, they are made using water resistant fabrics and feather padding which make them extremely functional and lightweight.

c) Winterproof

Garments with thermal comfort suitable for temperatures between 10°C and -15°C. They are characterized by the use of materials and solutions specifically designed to provide excellent protection against the most intense cold.

d) Tech Warmth

Excellent thermal comfort up to -20°C. The best technical solutions developed to combine the Peuterey style with high-performance fabrics which are rainproof and windproof, multilayer and breathable, padded with top-quality materials.


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a) Feather and down paddings

Feather and down paddings, light and soft in volume, combine sensory qualities and high-tech features. They ensure excellent natural comfort by adjusting the temperature difference between the body and the environment.


Primaloft is a technical padding offering excellent heat insulation with minimum volume and weight. Ideal in wet conditions, it is waterproof and breathable. It retains its characteristics over time and uses recycled material

c) Thindown

Thindown is an innovative fabric which compacts feathers using patented technology and provides maximum heat with minimum thickness. Completely natural and breathable, it can be machine washed and dried and also dry cleaned.


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a) Teflon® Fabric Protector

Teflon®-treated garments ensure high and long-lasting resistance to water and stains that do not penetrate the fabric. Waterproof and breathable, they are functional, easy to clean and maintain a new appearance over time


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Peuterey uses top-quality furs. Fully traceable, they come from breeding farms that ensure compliance with applicable regulations and standards.

a) Fox

b) Lapin

c) Sheep

d) Cashmere goat


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Peuterey feather and down paddings are made in compliance with existing hygiene and sanitary standards and do not use substances harmful for health. Non-allergenic and fully traceable, they do not come from ill-treated animals.