Sustainable development guarantees that we can satisfy the needs of the present without compromising resources or opportunities for future generations.

Everything we do, every aspect of our behaviour, and every choice we make can and must be informed by the awareness that we need to look after the ecosystem on our planet and the well-being of those who live on it.

Choosing a sustainable lifestyle today is in fact the first step towards a better future (#betterfuture). Every day, Peuterey works hard to reduce its impact on the planet, making the most of human and environmental resources: this is the choice we have made and one in which we passionately believe.


The heart of our company continues to beat in our headquarters here in Tuscany. We come from a region where the enchanting natural landscape lives side by side with the beauty of human art and creativity.

It is here in Tuscany that we were born and grew up, fed by this balance, by the wonders all around us, and by what we do and want to be.

At the very beginning, nearly thirty years ago, we chose the name Geospirit for our company, a name to convey the brand philosophy and at the same time, to evoke the spirit of the earth. Even then we were planning, designing, and taking those first concrete actions to protect the planet and its species.

Focus on the environment and sustainability are the essential elements in our company’s DNA. That is why we know full well that our biggest challenge today is to improve tomorrow.

As a Bluesign® SYSTEM PARTNER, the Peuterey Group undertakes to meet the most stringent criteria in terms of sustainability, specifically with regard to resource efficiency, environmental impact, health and safety in the workplace, and consumer protection.

Applying Bluesign® Input Stream Management eliminates the use and release of harmful chemicals along the whole production chain. The holistic approach of the Bluesign® SYSTEM makes it the most stringent standard for the textile industry and choosing to implement it means meeting these criteria without compromising the efficiency, quality or design of products.

Every day, in the name of a #betterfuture, Peuterey also commits to stopping the irresponsible consumption of natural resources, following the principles of the circular economy.

We invest in research and innovation to achieve substantial results that can be incorporated into our production processes: we reduce waste in terms of energy and materials; we use alternative products, certified raw materials, and technologies that are on the cutting edge.

We see the word “sustainability” not as company goal, but rather as a way of thinking and above all, doing. Our idea of sustainability concerns concrete action: sustainably is the way we do things.

Peuterey products are made to last; they also have a 24-month guarantee and continued assistance for maintenance, care and repairs.

For a more detailed look at the sustainability of our products and materials,continue to Peuterey Features!


At Peuterey, working for a better future means investing in people and promoting their well-being and professional growth. That is why lifestyle and working hours are part of our approach to sustainability.

In our company, different expert professionals – from designers to pattern makers, business divisions, and our communication team – all work together in the two main hubs in Milan and Altopascio (Lucca), with colleagues from retail and the sales agents who support our product at international level working alongside them.

What brings all these people together is sharing the values that guide us. We are united in our shared passion for the style and quality of the things we make every day. We work together with confidence and enthusiasm, looking at the planet with respect and towards the future with responsibility.

We are committed to recognising the value of people’s differences, since these are what encourage discussion, stimulus, and growth. We invest in training young talents because we believe in hard work and merit. We support equal opportunities because we choose to guarantee everyone the chance to develop their full potential, as people and professionals.          

To meet the needs of families, we have opened a creche in the workplace. And to give all our workers the opportunity to boost their mental and physical wellness, we have set up a Pilates course.

Our code of social responsibility sees us committed to extending our values and goals not only to those who work for us, but also to our business and production partners, in Italy and internationally.

At Peuterey, people are at the heart of our projects. And their response in terms of motivation and commitment make us increasingly aware, every day, of the value of choosing to have a positive impact on society.




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We have been concretely pursuing sustainability for some years now. Environmental awareness is growing and we want to play an active part in promoting it. For some time now we have been reducing our products’ impact on the environment by integrating research, cutting down on waste, recycling materials, and choosing partners who share our own standards of social and environmental responsibility. The goals we have set ourselves for safeguarding the future are both extensive and people-friendly. We have decided to invest in gender equality because every human being, indiscriminately, should be guaranteed the opportunity to realise their full potential on the basis of merit. We invest in training in order to nurture talented young people who care about the future of the planet. We also try to create solid and lasting partnerships with those who share our same values and mission, because we are convinced that the more we are, the faster we can achieve our goals. All this because we believe that collective responsibility is perfectly compatible with creative fervour. Only in this way can we once again give society fashion that is functional, of real substance and designed to last.

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“Environmental awareness and sustainability are the cornerstones of our genetic heritage as a company. That is why we work hard, every day, to improve our impact on the environment. We invest in research and innovation to achieve solid results and include them in our production processes. We reduce energy and material waste and we use alternative products, certified raw materials, and cutting-edge technologies. We select innovative, eco-sustainable yarns, fibres, fabrics, and fillings, without compromising on thermal performance, water-repellence, or durability”.
Francesca Lusini, President of the Peuterey Group