Made to resist extreme dream conditions


High-performing, resistant and essential: Peuterey Autumn-Winter 2023/24 collection items are interpreted by new dreamers, protagonists of adventures on the border between real and fantastic.

With the new campaign, “Made to resist extreme dream conditions”, by Armando Testa, Peuterey explores imaginary settings and surreal locations, which come to life through the creative talent of photographer and director Alberto Maria Colombo, and the innovative use of Artificial Intelligence.

With its groundbreaking vision of fashion, through which it established a unique point of contact between the sophisticated quality of technical pieces and urban style, Peuterey continues to explore new worlds and territories, with the desire of inhabiting them, giving us back a “dream-proof collection”. Moreover, the campaign’s avant-garde storytelling enhances the performing and current contents of the new winter collection, defined by a minimal style and high-end materials.

“Made To Resist Extreme Dream Conditions” is a special promise. Dream big, no matter how far, extreme or visionary the world you imagine is: Peuterey, with its versatility, quality materials and style, will follow you on the journey to reach it. #DreamProof.





Fit your uniqueness is an invitation to proudly show all that we are and that makes us special, unique, as a matter of fact.

This is the concept by Armando Testa for the new FW.22 ADV campaign, shot by photographer Andy Massaccesi.

Following the challenges of these recent years, the need to express ourselves without fear, limitations, schemes or labels, is even stronger.
Peuterey responds to this desire by illustrating first-hand its uniqueness through its garments and the stories of those who wear them, enhancing the essence of each one.

The campaign connects the heritage of the brand, with a calling-back to tailoring and to the human touch, thanks also to the graphic use of handwriting: many different writings, all made by hand to express the way of being of each of the protagonists.

Those who wear Peuterey are recognisable: passionate, confident, romantic or creative but nonetheless free to imagine, create, dream and proud to wear every single detail that makes them unique.






We love to dress people who dare to think, dream, and create. Their needs and desires are our top priority.
At a time when even basic contact is lacking, we feel a strong desire to get closer than ever before.
Peuterey’s new collection is ready to welcome you and your desire for shared experiences into an affectionate embrace.
Hugs, face-to-face contact, kisses, and handshakes.

Life is better when happiness abounds and our daily load is lightened. Life is better TOGETHER.
This is the concept behind Peuterey’s FW21 campaign
created by the Armando Testa agency and shot by photographer Emilio Tini under the creative direction of Michele Mariani.

This new collection rediscovers and emphasises emotions and core values such as sharing, closeness, affection and human relationships, expressing them through designer garments that are comfortable, practical, and fantastically versatile.

We are stronger TOGETHER than we are apart. Together we can do it all:
climb the highest peaks, achieve our most ambitious goals, and share our passion and experience as a team and with partners who believe in the same values, quality standards, and sense of responsibility. This new campaign features close-knit, carefree models together, in the same garment, reflecting our shared desire to come together, more united and supportive than ever before.


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We’ve been tangibly committed to sustainability for some years now.
Our goal has always been to create practical, essential fashion that will stand the test of time. We strive every day to limit the environmental impact of our products, prioritising research, minimizing waste and recycling materials.


But our targets for securing a better future through sustainable growth go even further: we’re investing in gender equality and only work with partners who share our standards of sustainability and social responsibility.


Our advertising campaign for Fall Winter 2020/21 looks ahead to the future
with the claim “Better Future is our everyday challenge”, created by the Armando Testa agency under creative director Michele Mariani and shot by photographer Emilio Tini.
The project highlights our values and commitment, reflecting the expectations of an increasingly aware, perceptive audience.
The campaign will run in the press, on billboards and across the entire digital ecosystem.

In these truly historic times, our daily challenge is to look to the future.
As a result, the campaign stars some exceptional models, the “everyday heroes” of tomorrow: children.

They bring the designs to life with their innocent, carefree spirit,
 nviting the public to reflect and renew their responsibilities.


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The daily challenges are the ones hidden among the folds of everyday life: juggling in the jungle of a supermarket, conquering Mont Blanc one bite at a time, managing to tame a fierce cat and exploring around to find wi-fi!


Nowadays, it's much more likely to get lost looking for a taxi than chasing mysterious treasures.


This is the concept of the new Peuterey FW19 ADV campaign made by the communication agency Armando Testa. With the creative direction of Michele Mariani, the Fall Winter 2019/20 campaign introduces a new pay off, in line with the philosophy based on the Brand’s realitytelling: "Life is an everyday challenge".


A message of immediate comprehension that enhances the soul of the brand, a synthesis of dream and substance, elegance and functionality, adventure and everyday life: the eternal dualism of the authentic man, who chooses Peuterey as a traveling companion to face all the daily challenges of life.