Parkas & Trench

With all the functionality, decisive appeal and dynamic character of their origins: parkas and trench coats reinvented in urban chic version. Reporportioned for a more feminine look, with rainproof fabrics and quality paddings, enhanced with fur collars.


Peuterey Women’s Parkas: the winter wardrobe must-have

The perfect mix of practical and stylish, a Peuterey women’s parka is a genuine winter wardrobe must-have. A product of excellence created to face the cold, wind and rain with a consistently perfect look - day after day, season after season. Impeccably designed for the shape and movements of the body, while staying on trend. The high-end external fabrics combine beauty and technical performance. Soft and subtle, the warm and lightweight padding guarantees maximum comfort. The details and functional insulation are little well-kept secrets. Are you ready to find out more?

The 24/7 versatility of Peuterey Women’s Parkas

Do you dream of leaving the house in the morning with a perfect all-day look? Are you looking for versatile outerwear that’s suitable for various occasions? If you don’t want to lose precious time staring at your wardrobe, a Peuterey women’s parka is your best bet. Its impeccable style and unparalleled comfort will accompany you throughout the thousands of tasks on your daily agenda. From the office to cocktail hour, from business trips to weekends away. You won’t have to worry about the weather forecast because you’ll always be well-protected with a parka or trench coat from the Peuterey women's collection. You’ll never be caught out by the cold and wind, annoying drizzle and unexpected downpours! 
Length and proportions are carefully measured to perfectly match every outfit you want to show off. Play with drawstrings and belts to tighten the garment and highlight the femininity of your figure. Removable hoods and fur trims allow you to create a more essential look and to adjust your parka to the weather. You’ll never tire of wearing it, because you’ll always feel at your best: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Choose your Peuterey Women’s Parka

Wondering how to find your way around the new collection of Peuterey women’s parkas and trench coats? If you want to emphasise the femininity of your figure, choose slim fit. Or if you prefer just a suggestion of your shape, opt for the close-fitting lines of regular fit. If you love fashion, try the season’s most on-trend models: explore the sophisticated palette of shades inspired by the earth and forests, alluring and easy to match. Or choose classic, with the absolute elegance of black and the sophistication of blue: you can trust the certainty of a must-have timeless item! 
Do you live in a rainy climate but have no free hands to hold your umbrella? Choose a Teflon®-finished fabric for maximum water resistance. If you love natural sensations, wrap yourself up in the soft cosiness of down: Primaloft® insulation offers maximum warmth with minimum volume and weight, and gives a precise fit. Finally, remember to check the thermal protection level: there’s a perfect Peuterey women’s parka for every temperature, from the first hint of colder weather to the middle of winter. Find yours! 
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