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Down jackets with a modern metropolitan look. Soft, warm and lightweight volumes thanks to innovative-technology padding, skilfully dosed in each model to obtain impeccable and comfortable fits. Fabrics resistant to water and to escaping down.


Peuterey Women’s Jackets: femininity and comfort in a perfect mix

Peuterey women’s jackets are designed to accentuate the feminine silhouette. The innovative direct injection technique used for the down allows for soft, lightweight and extremely warm volumes that envelop you. What’s more, the padding is skilfully distributed in the various parts of each garment to increase warmth in the areas that need greater protection, and to work with the shape and movements of the body. 
Do you think femininity and comfort can’t possibly go together? Try on a Peuterey women's quilted jacket. Even before looking at yourself in the mirror, you’ll feel that it fits you perfectly, as though it were sewn on. You’ll also be pleased to see how its modern fit perfects your figure. 
Super-slim jacket or sporty-chic bomber? Find your perfect model in the selection from the autumn-winter collection!

The metropolitan style of Peuterey women’s jackets

The secret to perfect style - according to the most influential fashion bloggers - is to always feel comfortable, in every context and every occasion. A guaranteed result with Peuterey women’s jackets. Designed according to a modern idea of comfort and manufactured with high-quality materials, they have a versatile metropolitan look. 
Are you always dealing with a thousand tasks, but are still attached to your look? In your routine, are there situations that require functional clothing, but you don’t want to give up on style? A Peuterey quilted women’s jacket is ideal for a dynamic lifestyle, from the city streets to an outdoor weekend trip. Take shelter from the cold, wind and rain. Its impeccable design encloses high technology insulation. The pleasant to the touch fabrics are carefully designed to resist water and prevent the down from coming out. 
If you already know and love our quilted jackets, take a look at our selection of women’s parkas: they’ll be like your second skin in winter.

Natural protection: the warm core of a Peuterey women’s quilted jacket

The core of a Peuterey women’s quilted jacket is warm, soft and ultra-lightweight, rich in the sensory and emotional value only found in natural materials. At the same time, down and quilting offer extraordinary technical qualities and accentuate the sensation of comfort. Their structure creates countless tiny pockets of air that separate the body’s microclimate from the environment: these stop the dispersion of heat, but absorb sweat and keep it away from the body. Highly compressible, they return to their initial volume and maintain their characteristics over time. A marvellous gift from nature, enhanced by technologically-advanced techniques. 
For the padding in Peuterey women’s jackets, only duck and goose down and feather from cold climates are used – these water birds have impermeable and consistent plumage. The extremely high quality raw material is worked according to the current hygiene and public health standards and is treated without harmful substances. Completely traceable, it comes from breeders dedicated to nutritional quality, respectful of the animals’ living conditions. Now you know everything: are you ready to shop?

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