From the raincoat to the down jacket, the bomber and the parka. A perfect mix of functionality and style, contemporary design, materials and cutting-edge production. Versatile, they are perfect for any occasion and in all climatic conditions.


The Peuterey Women’s Jacket: a key piece for your wardrobe

Are you looking for high quality outerwear that combines functionality with style, comfort and femininity? You’re in the right place: find your perfect Peuterey women’s jacket on our online store. Choose from an extensive selection without the fear of getting it wrong: each one of our garments is carefully designed and meticulously manufactured with the objective of excellence.
In our workshops, research for advanced technology combines with artisan knowledge of tailoring high-quality materials, paying careful attention to minute details. High-end, high-performing and pleasant to the touch fabrics enclose soft, lightweight padding. The impeccable on-trend design supports the shape and movements of the body. That’s why a Peuterey women's jacket is a key piece: it’s your best ally for the multiple errands in a dynamic life in any weather, for a look that stays perfect day after day.

How to choose your Peuterey woman’s jacket

If you love shopping, you’ll enjoy browsing through our official site. Or, if you want to get straight to the point, here’s a guide to finding the best Peuterey woman’s jacket for you. Are you constantly on the go, running around on a thousand daily adventures? Head to the women’s down jackets section and choose from the dynamic and quick-off-the-mark proposals from the new collection. Are you looking for a versatile garment that’s wearable 24/7? We recommend a woman’s parka, which works easily with different styles, including city life and leisure time. Is your dream to find the perfect mix between the functionality of classic tailored outerwear and the modern practicalness of a quilted jacket? Then the comfort and elegance of a Peuterey women’s coat is for you.

The thermal comfort level of the Peuterey women’s jacket

To help you choose your Peuterey women’s jacket, each model has been categorised according to its thermal comfort level. If you want a practical and lightweight garment for everyday wear in a mild climate (between 15°C and 5°C), look for the Everyday Lightweight label. If you’re looking for a rain-resistant quilted jacket to tackle sub-zero temperatures (between 10°C and -5°C), head for the Cooler Days category, also perfect if you feel the cold or have to wear lightweight clothing in indoor environments. The Winterproof garments are for more intense cold weather (between 10°C and -15°C). Choose a Peuterey women’s jacket from the Tech Warmth category for excellent insulation up to -20°C, thanks to the anti-rain and anti-wind fabrics. The multilayer and breathable fabrics have high-quality padding and specially-designed insulation. Are you ready to shop? Discover the autumn-winter collection!

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