The Peuterey men’s bomber jacket: the perfect mix of comfort and style

Winter is coming: cold and rain, wind and ice. Are these synonyms of bulky and uncomfortable outwear for you, rigid and without styles? Then you have never tried a Peuterey’s men’s bomber jacket. Don’t restrict your appreciation of its sporty metropolitan elegance. Wear it, you will find it perfectly comfortable. The secret? Every garment incorporates last-generation technological solutions. The direct feather injection allows for the elimination of internal compartments to obtain extraordinarily light and soft padding. The outer fabrics, rich and with a pleasant feel, are designed to be water resistant and prevent the loss of feathers. Lines and volumes work in synergy: a careful measure of feathers and down is added to the tailored designed in the different sections of the garment. The result? The highlighting of body lines, freedom of movement, strategic distribution of thermal insulation. Are you still convinced that comfort and style cannot go hand in hand? Look in the online shop for your Peutereymen’s down jacket: you will look forward to winter so that you can wear it every day.

The versatile metropolitan look of Peuterey men’s bomber jackets

The time is gone when the padded jacket was reserved for the holidays on the snow. Too comfortable and practical: it leaves the ski slopes and conquers the cities. So much so that fashion makes it its own and no longer ignores it. Peuterey plays a role in this recent tradition: its men’s down jackets, with a versatile metropolitan style, are designed to fit in with a dynamic lifestyle. Designed according to a modern idea of comfort, it is perfect for busy days and off-duty times at the weekend. The up to date design, the impeccable fit and high-quality materials make for a perfect look for every occasion, including formal ones. Are you always in a hurry and want a garment that suits every occasion? Are there times your schedule requires a functional yet smart look? The Peuterey men’s bomber jackets meet all needs. It’s your choice: from the smart bomber jacket to the field jacket updated for an urban setting. And all available in a range of thermal insulation degrees, in a wide range of fabrics and colours. Not to be missed the 3-in-1 garments, for adjustable protection, from the first cool days to the depth of winter. Look for them in the men’s parka and trench coats!

Natural protection and technology according to Peuterey: the men’s down jacket

A perfect mix of natural sensations and advanced technologies: it’s what Peuterey designs incorporates in its men’s down jackets. Feathers and down create innumerable air micro-cells that isolate the body from the environment. While the body temperature remains constant, transpiration is absorbed and transmitted to the outside, increasing the feeling of comfort. A garment padded with down can be compressed and then return to its initial volume. Its extraordinary characteristics remain constant over time. Only duck and goose feathers and down especially selected for cold climates are used in Peuterey men’s bomber jacket for their superior water resistance and consistency qualities. The high-quality material is treated in accordance with current health and hygiene regulation without using substances harmful to man. The supply chain is entirely traceable, starting from the rearing of the livestock, primarily raised for food production, which ensure good living condition for them. Now you are a true expert: are you ready to shop?

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