Raincoat and down jackets, bombers and parkas. A perfect synthesis of comfortable functionality, modern design, materials and finishes which are the upshot of cutting-edge research. Versatile, they are great for all occasions, in any climatic condition.


The Peuterey men’s jacket: the foundation for a wardrobe

Are you looking for a high quality jacket that is functional and comfortable and yet stylish? We are sure you will find the Peuterey men’s jacket ideal for your need in our online shop. You will be spoiled for choice in our wide ranging collection. Whatever you choose, it will be perfect. We are motivated by our search for excellence: we carefully design every model and we realise it with meticulous skill, paying the greatest attention to the smallest detail. We can conciliate the most advanced technologies with the artisanal knowhow typical of the Italian tradition. We use exclusively excellent quality materials, perfect to face up to any type of weather and able to last over time. The materials, which combine an excellent fabric hand to high technical performance, enclose soft, warm and light padding. The modern design has been studied to adapt to the shapes and movement of the body, combining ergonomics to visual appeal. These are the strong points that make a Peuterey men’s jacket an unreplaceable passkey in your wardrobe. Try it to believe it.

Guide to choosing a Peuterey men’s jacket

Are you part of that sizeable portion of men who do not enjoy long shopping sessions? To help you, here is a short guide that will help you find right away the best Peuterey men’s jacket for you. Do you have a dynamic lifestyle, always busy with lots of commitments? Visit the page bomber and padded jackets to find the best companion for your metropolitan adventures. Are you looking for a versatile garment, with a look that is always just right for all types of occasions? The right place is the men’s parkas and trench coats section. You will find versatile outerwear suggestions, perfect from dawn to dusk and vice versa, for the working week in the city and a quiet relaxing weekend away. Do you want a coat to match a formal suit but still practical and comfortable like a sport down jacket? Go the category men's coats, (and the problem is solved.

Peuterey’s men’s jackets by degree of thermal insulation.

To make choosing your Peuterey men’s jacket even simpler and quicker, we have developed an intuitive key able to identify the degree of thermal insulation for every model. The Everyday Lightweight label identifies the lighter garments, suitable for daily use in a milder climate (between 15°C and 5°C). When the temperature drops below zero (between 10°C and -5°C) you will need a practical rainproof down jacket from the Cooler Days range. The Winterproof garments – made for winter – will protect you from the coldest of weathers (between 10°C and -15°C) and will accompany you in style throughout the season. When the going gets tough, it’s time for the Tech Warmth jackets: they offer excellent thermal insulation in the most extremes of climatic conditions (up to -20°C) thanks to high technology materials and ad hoc design solutions. Also remember that fabrics treated with Teflon® Fabric Protector are waterproof and stain resistant. Tested against bad weather and accidents: for true Bravehearts. Find your Peuterey men’s jacket in our online shop from the comfort of your home or ... wherever you want to be!

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