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Customer Service

Payment and Security offers a large selection of safe payment methods. The payment data is collected by the technological coding system (SSL) and the server where the transactions take place is the certified VeriSign.


Card payments

All transactions are checked and managed by GlobalCollect.
During checkout, you can choose the option regarding credit card payment; then you just need to supply the required information.
The following credit cards are accepted: VISA, MASTERCARD.

If you use VISA and have activated the VBV (verified by VISA) option, you will be directed to a page which will ask for your verification code.
If you use MASTERCARD and have activated the MASTERCARD SECURE CODE option, you will be directed to a page which will ask for your verification code.

We also accept POSTEPAY payments as well as all other VISA ELECTRON pay-as-you-go cards.


Paypal payments

Paypal is another absolutely secure payment method that will allow you to pay for the order, directly accessing your account. The data relevant to your account and credit card will be managed by Paypal, which will inform us via email that the payment has been carried out.